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Jorja’s Awesome Grief Village (J.A.G. Village) is a legacy built on the strongest foundation of compassion, love and kindness. It is a space for honouring grief and our loved ones, tolerating the intolerable, and for collective healing.

We understand that grief touches every part of our lives, and is not a problem to be fixed, but love that needs to be carried, nurtured and honoured. Our relationships do not die when our people die, we have opportunities to continue these relationships into our futures, J.A.G. Village is evidence of this.

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Our Mission

J.A.G. Village is a social enterprise that is dedicated to providing support, a sense of community and empowering children, youth, and their families who are anticipating or have experienced the loss of a loved one through counselling, grief education and collective healing activities.

Our Vision

To promote and create a culture both internally and externally of J.A.G. Village where individuals, families and communities recognize that grief is not a problem to be solved, it is love that needs to be nurtured, carried and honoured, even when that love and/or grief is complicated.

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The loss of a loved one affects every aspect of life. “It Takes A Village” is an online platform that organizes support for the everyday needs, both tangible and emotional, of those who are grieving. Please create an account for a person/family you wish to support and invite others to sign up for helpful tasks on specific days/times.

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There is something comforting about being with others who “get it”. Grief comes with its own culture, it’s own language, it’s own unique depth of emotions. To be able to share your story and emotions with those who walk the grief road beside and ahead of you is often helpful with the sense of loneliness that can be so overwhelming at times. Have you ever been on vacation overseas and met someone from your own country or even your hometown? In the midst of unfamiliarity, a conversation about the latest Toronto Raptors trade cuts through the air, or a Roots shirt emblazoned with a maple leaf catches your eye. Suddenly there is a sense of home, that these people understand things about your everyday life. You know that they appreciate how frustrating local traffic is, or recognize the name of the best pizza place in town. In a foreign place, even if you acknowledge it for just a moment, you know there is someone else who is like you. JAG Village is a place to connect with people who have the same shared experience of losing a loved one. Although our individual stories of how we got here may be different, our sense of grief, pain and lost love is all the same. As the dream of JAG Village becomes a reality, we welcome you to our community. We are here to listen, cry, remember, and most of all, to always love.

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Grief and The Pandemic

Grief and The Pandemic I remember it vividly. It was Thursday evening, March 12th 2020. The World Health Organization had revealed that we were in the midst of a pandemic and our politicians were announcing decisions to shut down our society as we knew it. My kids were at hockey practice so I headed to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things. I was confronted by the chaos of shoppers desperately stocking up for an unknown future. The people, the line-ups, the noise...the toilet paper!!! Overwhelmed, I did a u-turn and walked out. Driving away I realized that the flood of emotions that were spinning around within me were very familiar - they were the emotions that we associate with grief. Over the last several months most of us have experienced anxiety, a sense of loss, frustration or anger, a change in our relationships, an uncertainty about the future. In the words of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, our lives have been “flipped-turned upside down”. There is not one part of our everyday lives that the Covid-19 pandemic has not touched. Even the basic interactions we are used to everyday now appear completely different. The spacing between people, the loss of our ability to participate in the activities we enjoy, he inability to congregate with those we love in a familiar way - the changes have been immense. Almost all of this can be mirrored in the dark experiences of grief. One of the biggest adjustments we face is that we now must wear masks everywhere. It can be said that those who carry grief constantly wear a mask, in a figurative way. The fake smiles, interacting with people when we don’t want to and saying “I’m fine” more times than we can count to hide the continual ache of our broken hearts. A funny thing happened a few weeks into the Covid pandemic. As time went on I actually felt more comfortable in the new mandatory face coverings. They hide my sadness and provide an odd sense of security from anyone being able to see how much pain there is some days. It acts as a barrier preventing my grief from escaping and the judgement of the world from coming in. As it has been said over and over, these are unprecedented times. As when confronted with grief, the pandemic has forced us to adapt, take stock and evaluate the important elements of our lives and to give into the uncertainty of what lies ahead. We will carry the experiences of these times forward with us in the same way we carry the memories and love of those who are no longer here.

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Children's Grief Awareness Day

Children's Grief Awareness Day It is Children’s Grief Awareness Day and we encourage you to wear blue! Create space for tough conversations...be present and learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable....

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Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights Grieving can be hard any day let alone the holidays... Shifting from loving in the presence to loving in the absence can be so painful! Acknowledging that pain, and transcending the love for our person can and do co-exist! Thank you Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue for including us in this awesome event! Thank you community for showing up with your gifts of food, clothing, and monetary donations! There was no shortage of love and support!!!

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National Grief Awareness Day

National Grief Awareness Day Today is National Grief Awareness Day. Help bring the experience of #grief out into the light by posting a picture featuring the name or relation of the grief that you're carrying. Follow (and join!) the conversation on Instagram using the hashtag #speakyourgrief. #jagvillage #jorjaonmymind #wpsugrief #childloss #siblingloss #parentloss#normalizegrief #love #widow #compassion #infantloss #griefsupport #griefislove #itsokaytonotbeokay #death #loss #bereavement #brokenheart

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